PITC: Full Course

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Course overview
The ECIS Preparing for International Teaching Certificate is a professional development qualification which will help your teachers develop their skills and deepen their knowledge around the intersection of intercultural awareness and global competence.

For more than ten years, the Preparing for International Teaching Certificate (PITC) has empowered teachers from across the world to change their schools, themselves, and the lives of their students. The certificate programme follows the philosophical framework of intercultural competence as proposed by UNESCO and the Council of Europe, and explained cogently by Prof. Michael Byram (Durham University), as indicated in the following statements:

ECIS is grateful for the support of Universidad Camilo José Cela (Madrid), who have worked in partnership with ECIS to develop the content of the new Preparing for International Teaching Certificate. 

The International Teacher Certificate (PITC) comprises four courses, designed to help you develop the competence to be an effective international teacher.

All four units of the full Preparing for International Teaching Certificate are designed to be taken fully online in eight months or less.


How do we integrate intercultural competence in a classroom setting? Working off intercultural development theory, and complemented by selected ‘critical incidents’ case studies, the globally-competent teacher learns to recognise, understand, communicate, and work effectively across cultures in the classroom.


This module will take about 6 hours to complete.


All participants are recommended to have English language competencies comparable to Level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Further information may be obtained through the Council of Europe website.


ECIS Members

£75 excluding VAT per person/per course; £250 excluding VAT* if taking all four courses.
NB. Five PITC Licences are included in ECIS Level 2 membership. Ten PITC licenses are included in ECIS Level 3 membership. Click here to learn more.


£100 excluding VAT* per person/per course; £350 excluding VAT* if taking all four courses.
*VAT will be charged as per the place of supply rules where the consumer is located within the EU.

All licences are for a 12 month period.

Please note: The PITC is a professional development qualification, not an accredited teacher qualification. We do offer an accredited teacher qualification: click here to learn about (or register for) the teacher qualification programme.

To find out about our online International Teacher Certificate contact events@ecis.org