ECIS Level 2 Certificate in Child Protection Governors and Owners - India Specific (English)

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Course overview
This Course is aimed at Governors and Owners of schools. If you are a Teacher or Support Staff, please see our other Child Protection courses which have been tailored for you.
At ECIS, we believe that establishing a successful “safeguarding culture” in a school results from professional learning that includes everyone who works in or for a school — from teaching staff through school leadership and governing stakeholders. Understanding and applying the best safeguarding practices and behaviours is not for teachers alone; nor is it for school leaders alone, nor for trustees or governors alone. A vibrant and effective child safeguarding culture is a community responsibility. Each group of stakeholders must feel confident that all adults in the system are playing a vital role in ensuring a safeguarding culture.

Our certificate programme in child safeguarding is designed, therefore, around this principle of community responsibility. As a participant in our programme, you will learn how the recruitment and on-boarding of new staff, the creation and implementation of policies and procedures, and the oversight of school leadership and the associated governing body are interconnected and mutually-reinforcing areas of building a safeguarding culture. We assess your understanding with case studies throughout the module because we want to ensure that, no matter how you identify yourself as a stakeholder in your community, you understand how the pieces are connected, so that you may rest assured that your school is building the best child safeguarding culture that it can.

The course is passed and a certificate issued if you score 70% or more in the final assessment.
  • It takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete this interactive course.


Mobile and desktop friendly, use any device to take the course!


Tailored courses for different staff members in your school.


Interactive content and activities with a final assessment.


Receive a certificate after successfully  passing the assessment.



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Child Protection Level 1

  • Recognise signs of abuse
  • Identify terms and definitions
  • Escalate a disclosure or suspicion of abuse appropriately
  • Report information/concerns
  • Identify barriers to reporting
  • Identify grooming/offender behaviour
  • Explain their role in ensuring professional boundaries & risk management
  • Recognise personal duty of care responsibilities

Child Protection Level 2

  • As Child Protection Level 1 plus:
  • Identify and adopt recruitment & onboarding child protection polices with new employees
  • Demonstrate awareness & oversight of school, leadership & governing body roles & responsibilities
NEASC, MSA and Cambridge Assessment International Education recognise completion of the ECIS Child Portection Certificate as evidence of alignment with accreditation standard around child protection, health, and safety.
ECIS is grateful for the support of Universidad Camilo Jose Cela (Madrid) for providing their translation services enabling our Spanish community to access the ECIS Child Protection Certificate.
ECIS is grateful for the support of ALSLAYER Holdings in sponsoring the translation of the ECIS Child Protection Certificate into Arabic enabling our Arabian community to access the ECIS Child Protection Certificate.
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